Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins

High quality water is required to meet the needs of heavy to light industries for various industrial processes. Heating, cooling, rinsing, as well as managing scaling, corrosion, microbiological activity and waste disposal utilise ion exchange resins.

Applications and Solutions for Industrial Water

Resinex offers a cost-effective solution with a complete portfolio of ion exchange resins to handle water treatment on an industrial scale.

Process Water

Process water is a common name for water which can not be classified as drinking water and which is used in connection with technical plants and processes of the production. Ion exchange resins are used to treat the process water to achieve a defined specification of the liquid (mainly water) for further production processes or to bring it back into the loop.


Demineralisation is the process of removing virtually all dissolved solids (TDS) from water and producing essentially pure water. Demineralisation unit must include both cation and anion exchange processes. Mixed bed demineralisation consists of strong acid cation resin and strong base anion resin which are mixed homogeneously when in service. Boiler makeup water, process water for production operations and high purity rinse water are examples that require demineralised water.


Water condensed from steam is part of the steam cycle and common in a conventional or nuclear power plant. Resinex ion exchange resins are frequently used to remove or exchange dissolved ions and suspended matters (like iron oxides) so as to protect the equipments and ensure the efficiency of the unit.

Waste Water

Ion exchange resin is widely used in wastewater recycling and wastewater effluent applications. The removal of cations especially toxic, heavy metal ions, falls within the scope of environmental regulation.


Purification is the key application for ion exchange resins. The resin beads purify several different streams like water, chemical, sugar, juice, pharmaceuticals, proteins, and much more. IX resins can selectively remove contaminants from gold to perchlorate. There are endless possibilities for purifying any type of stream with IX technologies.

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Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins

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Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins