Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins


A lot of water is required for use in the mining industry for extraction, processing and transport, among other things. Rising environmental concerns mean that waste water management needs to be carefully considered.

Applications and Solutions for Mining

Ion exchange resins are important components in a variety of mining applications. In addition to waste water treatment they are also useful for extraction of various metals such as gold, uranium and copper. Resinex is ready with a full assortment of resins for mining applications.

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Recovery means to extract useful substances from waste. Ion exchange resins are used in many industries for recovering dissolved, inorganics from liquids for re-use in the process, to use the recovered substance for further processes or it is the final product. Currently, recovery processes are an effective method towards pro-active environmental protection.

Surface waters

Surface waters are becoming highly scrutinized for the contaminants that they contain caused by naturally occurring elements or industrial industry waste discharge or by-products. Contaminants can cause harmful effects to people and animals that consume the water. Various ion exchange resins are used to clean low levels of contaminants from drinking water for safety and taste.

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Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins

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Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins