Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins

The petrochemical industry is one of the most important industries worldwide. Fuel, gasoline, plastics and fine chemicals are just a fraction of the substantial portfolio in this industry. All these processes require high purity streams wHere ion exchange resins are utilised.

Applications and Solutions for Petrochemical Processes

Resinex IEX is used to achieve the necessary quality combined with a high efficiency to ensure the highest profitability from the process.


Exchange capacity, surface area, porosity, degree of cross-linking, moisture level, thermal stability and mechanical strength are all properties which are available to the organic chemist and chemical process engineer for achieving optimal results. The robust polymeric matrices of modern ion exchange resins have long been recognized for their utility as a heterogeneous supports for acid- or base-catalyzed organic synthesis.

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Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins

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Jacobi Resinex: Provider Of ION Exchange Resins