Ultra pure water is commonly used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals & flat panel LCD/LED for rinsing/cleaning and various critical processes. The most widely used requirements for UPW quality are documented by ASTM D5127 “Standard Guide for Ultra Pure Water Used in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries”.  The production of ultra pure water is through various technologies including filtration, membrane, ion exchange resin,…. Ion exchange resin is of critical importance due to the fact that in most cases, it’s the last gate before point of use of the ultra pure water to the processes. Resinex offers a family of ultra pure water ion exchange resins.

Applications and Solutions for Ultra Pure Water

The use of resins guarantees parameters like Resistivity (>18 MOhm/cm), a low TOC leakage (< 5 ppb), On-line Particles (>0.05 µm), Silica (max. 0.5 µg) of the treated water which is needed to the final product production process where less impurities offer a higher product quality and a more desirable economic process.

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